VE Test Dates

Amateur Radio VE Exam
Sponsor: W5WQ Exam Group (ARRL)
( Exams by Appointment. Times are to be determined before exams. )

To schedule an exam or for questions contact Cullen Watts, AD7KJ.
Cell phone and text 601-730-9464
e-mail :

Exam schedule dates and location for 2017, unless moved or canceled:

February 8th 6 P.M. – Brookhaven

April 12th 6 P.M. – Brookhaven

June 23th 10 A.M. – Field Day Exam – Brookhaven

August 9th 6 P.M. – Brookhaven

November 8th 6 P.M. – McComb

For 2018 exam fee is $15.00. Please have correct change or a check addressed to ARRL-VEC. Please bring an approved photo ID for all exams, Original CSCE’s and License and copies, for upgrades. A photo copy machine may not be available. Walk-ins are welcome but may be limited by date, location and a scheduled exam.

It is highly recommended that you call and verify that you are planning on being there and taking a test. Walk-ins may be allowed if there is someone to administer a test. If NO ONE has called to request an appointment for a test, we may not have VE’s there. Please call and let us know your intentions BEFORE the test date. We have more than one exam location and scheduled tests and locations are subject to change. E-mail or text message requests that have not been replied and any unanswered voice-mail should be considered not seen or heard. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Any message could be delayed and-or lost in this digital age, be it e-mail, text message or voice mail. Please confirm your appointment by telephone at least seven to ten days BEFORE a test.

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